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Affiliate Web Marketing Redesign





Landing Page

Due to the success of the Paid Search Acquisition Land Page the Affiliate Marking team wanted to redesign their landing page. While they requested that the page share much of the layout and design elements of the Paid Search Acquisition Landing Page, they wanted to take those graphics and be more aggressive with them.

The old landing page for the Affiliate Marketing team was a bit dated and had a compact, cluttered feel. Part of the reason for this were the limitations created by the HTML template that the page was based on. The template allows for only one set of buttons that link to the sales funnel. In the previous page all of the information was kept as close to the top as possible so it would be above the “fold”.

Due to the poor user experience created by the the template, getting users back to the top of the page where they could order was tricky. This was especially challenging since the added content increased the length of the page exponentially. It should also be noted that the Affiliate Marketing team was insistent that the main call to action as close to the top of the page as possible. This meant that the only way to buy was to chose a plan from the top of the page and for this reason we needed to come up with a “Back to Top” button was user friendly but not too clunky.

To encompass the very specific call to action at the bottom of the page I created a stylized arrow graphic that pointed up. I took special care to repeat that same shape, only inverted, with the call to action at the top of the page.

Email and Banner Ads

To go along with the new design of the landing page the Affiliate Marketing team wanted to roll out a third party email and banners that would share the new look and feel. Along with the color scheme and the same before and after image I brought along the stylized arrow box whenever I could. I wanted to user to become familiar with this design element and understand that it was associated with ordering the product. The intended result is that it will help to make the odd functionality of the affiliate page less confusing to first time users.