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Destination: You End User Flyer

Client: GlobalFit

Date: 2010

Role: Concept, Design & Development


Destination: You, GlobalFit’s activity program, produced revenue from each employee that signed up for the program. A flyer was needed to encourage employees to sign up. It was important not only highlight the virtues of the program, but to keep the employees engaged until roll-out. For this reason we also set up a landing page that would include interactive fun elements and informative tips.

Destination: YouFlyer

The purpose of the Destination: You flyer was to entice users to sign up for the program. It was important to me to focus on what a person could get out of the program regardless your fitness level; I wanted the messaging to be ambiguous enough that each individual could bring their own aspirations to the program. Our copywriter came up with the phrase You Know You Want To, which felt both encouraging and indulgent.

I tend to believe that every piece of paper has two sides, and since our messaging fit on the front without going over we had the entire back of the flyer to fill up. In the spirit of making activity more fun we created a series of quizzes and facts. Our hope is that people would keep it around longer if the information is both fun and useful.

Destination: YouEnd User Landing Page

Although the flyer was the driving force in encouraging sign up, it was conceived as a teaser. We wanted to encourage continued engagement so we set up a landing page with tips and downloadable wallpaper for people to have fun with. Over time we had plans to continue to add fun and informative elements to the page, such as quizzes and games.

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