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Destination: You Promotional Campaign

Client: GlobalFit

Date: 2010

Role: Concept, Layout, Front End Development, Email Design, Print Design


GlobalFit wanted to feature it’s activity program, Destination: You in a campaign that would allow both new and existing prospects to consider the program.

The leadership committee thought that a direct mail campaign would be the the best course of action. They wanted to move quickly, but to put together an effective campaign would take some thought. We wanted to get moving quickly, so we started by setting up a landing page.

D:Y Promotional Landing Page

With a set of sketches that I came up with a landing page that would service both the direct mail campaign and a more immediate email campaign. I sketched out a series of ideas of how both campaigns would work together and the look of all three.

View the Destination: You Landing Page

D:Y Emails

We decided we would base each email on a testimonial about the program. The email would link to the landing page that would be linked to by all campaigns, including the trade shows.

D:Y Direct Mail

The direct mail campaign was the bit that took the most time to nail down. It was where the campaign started, but it was important to come up with something that would make the recipient want to open the envelope, but want to hold on to it. The message had to be both intriguing and illustrative of the point.