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Innovations in Wellness Summit

Client: GlobalFit

Date: 2010

Role: Design, Development & Identity


Each year GlobalFit host a summit that focus’ on employee wellness. In 2010 they officially named it the Innovations in Wellness Summit. Along with a new name a logo and identity was needed. It was important to stay close to the look and feel of GlobalFit while creating it’s own brand.

The Logo

I wanted to focus on both wellness and innovation at the same time. Also, since this was a summit where individuals would be interacting in person I loved the thought of sharing ideas, so I went with the light bulb imagery.

Innovations in Wellness Microsite

Registration for the summit happened only on the internet. I created a site that focused on the necessities and left off any clutter. The site was only three pages, with the home page featuring our speakers. The page also needed enough space to allow advertising from sponsors.


On the day of the summit each participant was given a program and a badge, all branded with the summit identity.