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Member Section Icons & Emails

Client: Nutrisystem

Date: 2013

Role: Email Design, Page update design, Icon Design


Recently Nutrisystem wanted to begin sending out emails to their on-program members. This included people who were active on the member site and included another list for people who didn’t get involved in the online community. At the same time the social team, who monitors the member site, wanted to update one of their pages.

My job was to both update the site with new information and create the new email stream targeted at members. For both I needed to create new icons that fit in with the ones currently being used on the site. One of the nice things about having strong illustration skills is that I can create new icons for a project with about the same amount of effort it would take me to find a stock icon set that has all the elements I need. It especially comes in handy when working on a project like this where new icons need to be made, but they needed to look like the ones already purchased. I created new icons for forums, member page, customer service, dietitian*, fitness, member blogs, the getting started guide*, logging your weight*, daily tips, coupons, and two icons for the recipe center.

For the emails I designed them to look as much like the members section of the site as possible within the constraints of creating a table based email. Large sections of the emails needed to have the text as HTML so I needed to make sure when I designed it I could accommodate for it while using images with alt tags to keep consistent company branding.

*While the pencil and dietician figure were created by me, the scale, paper and apple icons were from the set currently being used on the site.