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Paid Search Acquisition Landing Page

Client: Nutrisystem

Date: 2013

Role: Lead Designer


Nutrisystem’s Online Marketing team wanted to create a landing page to designed specifically for their paid search advertising. While the Ecommerce team spends most of their time refining the sales funnel to make buying easier on the main site, the goal of this page was to supply the user with all the information they would need to buy directly.

Each section needed to supply the user with all of the information that would usually be found over several pages on the main site, but in a simple, bite sized format. The page also needed to be designed in a way that would allow it to be converted into a responsive layout later down the line. As lead designer I was tasked with bringing the companies current branding aesthetics into the page while keeping the page clean and easy to digest.

The page broke down into several sections that highlighted the benefits of the Nutrisystem program. The overall idea was to alternate between copy heavy sections and sections with a more powerful graphic impact. For the copy heavy sections I created icons that focused on the most important aspects of each point. I also wanted to limit the color palette so I decided to lean heavily on the green that can be found in the logo, using Nutrisystem orange specifically for calls to action.

Throughout the page there are areas of interactivity, specifically in the food section and results section where overlays were created to tell the user more about the Nutrisystem menu and the success stories of former customers. Please feel free to view the landing page get the full effect.


The Online Marketing team did a split test to see how the page was converting compared to the normal flow of the main site. While the bounce rate was higher, the page saw a 16% increase in revenue when compared to the current home page. The page had 5% higher first time orders, an 11% increase in program orders and 50% higher increase in phone orders.

Overall the page was considered a success. Using this as a template the Online Marketing Team plans to continue to create landing pages like this one, but with a more targeted focus.