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Offbeat Travel Posters

Client: Self Promotion

Date: 2012-2013

Role: Illustration


One of my favorite things to do is to visit offbeat tourist attractions. I also love old timey travel posters, especially after having the opportunity to work on them for the Destination: You project. I decided it would be fun to work on a series of posters for the offbeat places I have visited over the years. I especially loved the idea of creating travel posters for places that often don’t even sell postcards… so I also designed a postcard for many.

This selection of posters is the first set I printed off as postcards. I wanted some sort of promotion to be able to hand out showcasing my skills, but I also wanted to have something I could give to offbeat museum proprietors to convince them to let me take reference photos.

You can read a description of the Illustraton process over at my blog:
Pymatuning Spillway
Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast
The Fremont Troll
Mummers Museum
International Cryptozoology Museum

Prints of the travel posters can be bought here:
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