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The Overlook Hotel Postcards

Client: Personal Project

Date: 2011

Role: Illustration, Layout & Copy Writing


A project I’ve wanted to work on for a while is a series of travel posters for fictional places. Although I’ve seen many brilliant illustrators do similar works, I wanted to focus on something darker. For my first travel poster I decided on the Overlook Hotel, from The Shining. The goal was to make it warm and inviting, like so many of the stunning travel posters from the turn of the 20th century, but still keep it’s sinister edge. Although twins are inherently creepy, likely because of The Shining, I still feel the Overlook poster is inviting and feels simple and wholesome.

While working on the Overlook travel poster I realized that fictional places needed something even better than just a travel poster, they need postcards. The wonderful thing about the Overlook is that it offers so many luxurious spaces that would make wonderful postcards. I did three accompanying postcards for the Colorado Lounge, the Gold Room and a Luxury Suite. Some, like the Luxury Suite, reference the film directly, while others, like the Gold Room, got their influences from outside.

If you would like to know more about the process I used to create each postcard please take some time read any, or all, of the blog posts below. You may notice that the final images here are slightly different than in the blog posts; I gave myself a week to complete each and some of the postcards needed editing after the fact. The copy especially needed tightening up.

The Overlook Hotel
The Colorado Lounge
The Gold Room
Luxury Suites

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