And Toto Too

And Toto Too

It’s not every week that I get inspired by Illustration Friday, but this weeks topic, Wings, got me thinking. Mostly I thought about flying monkeys.

Color Palette

I’ve always loved the Wizard of Oz, but there is something about flying monkeys that I’m drawn to in particular. As far as minions go I really think that they’re the ultimate choice. Loyal, compact, agile and snappy dressers all in one. Now that’s a minion!

At first I was going to draw an aviator style monkey. In fact I considered for a moment submitting the logo I designed for a domain I still haven’t decided what to do with, Flying Monkey Ink. I imagine it will be an illustration site at some point, ergo, the INK… or a monkey tattoo parlor. But as much as I like the marriage of flight and monkey, there was something inside me that wanted to draw a straight up Wizard of Oz flying monkey.

I spent about a half hour looking at pictures of monkeys in their natural habitat trying to figure out what my version of a flying monkey would look like and what he’d be doing, but I couldn’t come up with anything. Then the idea of a sock monkey struck me. I actually find making sock monkeys therapeutic, so I may end up making this for realz… if I can find the right colored socks. But for now he’s just a illustration of a toy I badly want.

In the beginning it was just going to be a monkey picture, but for some reason I couldn’t get the idea of Toto out of my head. Probably because my reference picture was of a flying monkey with Toto in a basket. I knew Toto was dying for revenge, and what better chew toy. At first I had them in the Haunted Forrest, but it made no logical sense. Why would a real Toto encounter a toy flying monkey? In the end I decided on a Wizard of Oz themed play room. Just look at Toto back there. He knows he’s not supposed to be here, but he just can’t help himself.