Don’t Call Him a Hipster Strong Man

Strong Man

I was actually working on another drawing all this week, but it’s morphed several times into something highly unsuccessful, so we’ll get back to that… sometime.

For this week, however, I wanted to do something that was fun and could be done in an evening. So come one, come all! See the amazing strong man!!

Color Palette

Doodle 1.7.2013

This will likely morph into something else down the line, especially considering I have a thing for olde timey circus’. Although thankfully I didn’t have a whole week to come up with some sort of elaborate illustration that ended up falling apart. It was nice to do something straightforward and simple.

I’m actually surprisingly happy at how it turned out! With only a few hours in the evening I think I put together a pretty swank strong man. I especially love his weight lifting belt and his hipster mustache! Of course calling this guy a hipster may be a bad idea.

Check out how I go from Post-it to Illustrator (both of those should probably have a few dozen ®’s and ™’s next to them).