Food Illustrations

Nutrisystem vs. Medifast Landing Page

One of Nutrisystem’s biggest competitors on the web is a company called Medifast. They both offer food created specifically to shed pounds, but with drastically different offerings. As it does with many of it’s competitors Nutrisystem put together a landing pages outlining the benefits of their product.

For this project I was asked to do illustrations that showed a typical day on each program. The color palette needed to be somewhat soft and muted, but still be consistent with the food items. I also needed to keep the serving sizes accurate while making the Nutrisystem options more robust in comparison.

Nutrisystem Breakfast

Medifast Breakfast

Nutrisystem Morning Snack

Medifast Morning Snack

Nutrisystem Lunch

Medifast Lunch

Nutrisystem Afternoon Snack

Medifast Afternoon Snack

Nutrisystem Dinner

Medifast Dinner

Nutrisystem Dessert

Medifast Dessert

Aside from the last round of food illustrations I did for Nutrisystem’s member site I rarely draw food. In fact I don’t know too many people who do. While shooting a picture of your every meal and posting it on Instagram may be all the rage, people just don’t get excited about drawing food.

The first step was to open up each companies web site and begin sketching out their products. I was very conscience of using the same sized dishes to show scale for each product. From there we moved over to Illustrator and I began creating meals.





Learning about Symbols the Hard Way.

Although there were very few changes after the illustrations were done, some things did need to be tweaked. It was a lesson in using Illustrators capabilities to the fullest extent. Since the only time I’ve created illustrations for anyone besides myself was when I worked on the travel posters for Destination: You I don’t often need to make any revisions. Besides, I like drawing people and they don’t have to many repeating parts.

With food, however, things like spinach leaves and seeds often get repeated so having to change them all is a pain. This is the moment I realized the importance of symbols. It’s not that I didn’t know about symbols or how to use them, I’ve just never thought of how useful they are. After listing to a web designer describe the process of using Illustrator to do mockups, and the flexibility of symbols specifically, it became abundantly clear that I needed to be using them for my illustration work as well.