Hot Tea

Hot Tea

Before Star Wars: Episode I came out and the hype was so big that even if the movie was good it couldn’t have lived up to the anticipation. In fact the main villain that their marketing strategy focused on would prove to be a fairly ineffective villain. That villain was Darth Maul.

“Why?” you may ask, am I discussing one of the most reviled movies in nerd history. Well it’s directly related to why this week’s monster, who is more menacing looking than last week’s Hot Turkey Sandwich, and he’s totally a vegan.

Color Palette



Star Wars Episode I Poster

via IMDB

Unlike last week where I created the monster based on the menu item, this week I drew the monster first. After drawing the picture above I wrote “total vegan”, because when you look at that guy he looks like he probably eats babies. Now and here’s where Darth Maul comes in.

Back before Star Wars: Episode I came out I had a friend who call BS on the film just from looking at all the Darth Maul promotional items. Of course Darth Maul is the villain, just look at him. Go ahead, I’ve included a picture on the left. His argument was that no thought had been put into the design of this character, he was just made to look evil. Now villains are made to look pure evil all the time, but in relation to world building my friend made a good point. If you imagined an entire planet full of people that looked like Darth Maul, could you really imagine any of them being good guys? It’s judging a book by it’s cover, sure, but try to picture Ghandi with glowing yellow eyes and horns! I’ve always loved that idea.

So when I drew my angry lizard man I decided to go with my gut instinct of making him a vegan. To be honest, vegans have been known to be somewhat militant themselves, so maybe he’s just a vegetarian. In order to soften his look I tried to dress him liken any good vegan. This, of course, was probably the hardest part since I didn’t want to veer to much in the direction of either hippie or hipster but wanted something in the middle. While I always knew he was going to be wearing a t-shirt I didn’t feel that was distinct enough to fully portray his personality. It’s when he donned the beenie I felt like I had it. Beenies are worn by hippies and hipster alike and are a great douche-bag signifier*.

Owl Tattoo

Along with the beenie and panda t-shirt I also wanted to include some tattoos and considered adding some piercings. For a while Hot Tea was wearing plugs, but because I decided on creating a large cat style ear with no lobes there was no place to put the plugs that didn’t look more ridiculous than they do usually. The tattoos, on the other hand, I think work much better. Considering Hot Tea is a animal loving vegan I figured he’d want animal life inked up and down his arms. I decided to do an owl on his right arm and a octopus on his left, that way he can show his solidarity with the sea, land and sky.

*Of course there is special dispensation for people who revolutionize web development and that one day in late November when the web community wears them.