Infinite Monster

Infinite Monster Belly

The good people who put together the Sketchbook Project every year do these fun, little creative projects you can participate in throughout the year. Even though I didn’t get my sketchbook finished in time for this year’s tour, I did decide to participate in their free project, Infinite Scroll | Monsters.

Color Palette


We’re calling out to 500 people worldwide to make one segment of what will become a really long, continuous drawing [...] We’ll start the drawing off with a monstrous head and end it with some grotesque feet – everything in between is up to you!

— The Sketchbook Project

How could I resist? Of course the head and feet tend to be the most coveted parts of a monster, but, with 500 participants I’m sure the body will be a lot of fun.

Windowsill Of Curiosity

At first I thought about adding some extra hands or maybe a squiggly body segment, but then it hit me! Stomach contents. I have a huge love of anatomical models, in fact I have two mini models of the human body and skull. I thought it might be fun to show the inside of an infinite monster. I started by looking at different animal stomachs, but ended up just making it a ball. I’m sure an infinite monster has more than one belly, better to go simple.

Then I needed to decide what should go inside. As always my love of juxtaposition decided it had to be something adorable, yet not terrifying. I decided on a kitten, but a whole kitten. I image an infinite scroll monster would eat their dinner in one big gulp, like a snake. Besides, kittens are both cute and insufferable curmudgeons. If having been eaten by a monster I don’t imagine a kitten would be all that amicable. Plus they have claws, so they’re bound to be the type of food that gives you a tummy ache.

UPDATE: See all of the Monster’s parts on Flickr!

Drawing in Illustrator