Infinite Space: Ham

Infinite Space: Ham

This week I decided to participate in yet another free project from the good people at The Skethbook Project, I joined in to work on the Infinite Scroll Space.

Color Palette


This week’s instructions:

The Infinite Scroll series is inspired by the surrealist drawing exercise known as exquisite corpse… We’re expecting aliens, nebulas, orbiting objects, and anything else you can invent!

— The Sketchbook Project

Since exquisite corpse is a game that’s dependent on the images before and after your sketch my submission for the Infinite Scroll was slightly different, mainly on the sides where the sketch has to join up with it’s friends. But for the most part all of the elements of the adventures of Ham, the first astrochimp, look the same while being completely historically inaccurate.

LIFE With the Astrochimps: Early Stars of the Space Race

LIFE With the Astrochimps: Early Stars of the Space Race © Life

I was mostly inspired by a recent episode of Roderick on the Line where they talked about Ham the space Chimpanzee, and then while researching the little fellow I found this picture of Ham and I couldn’t resist. I just knew I was going to be drawing a space monkey.

I especially loved the look on little Ham’s face, he want’s none on of this. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, animals want nothing to do with human shenanigans. At first I thought it would be fun to put Ham on the inside of the spaceship, but since I decided on a Flash Gorden style rocket I figured there was no need to pretend that this was in any way a historical depiction of Ham’s accomplishments. So instead little Ham is floating around space letting the good folks at NASA know just how annoyed he is that there seem to be so many barriers to entry when eating a plain old banana.