Loki’s Revenge

Loki's Revenge

A few of you may know that today is opening day for The Dark Knight Rises, which means it’s time for the final superhero movie battle of 2012. Although I’m still hoping that The Avengers comes out on top, I’m aware that Batman fans probably have the edge. Loki, it appears, wanted to make sure all the records would be broken so he got together a few hundred of his friends himself and lined up for opening day.


Color Palette

I thought the idea of Loki’s ultimate revenge occurring in the real world instead of in the Marvel universe was hilarious. Although as funny as having a ton of movie Loki’s show up I thought it would be nice to Lady Loki and Kid Loki join the party.

Originally I thought this would be more of a daunting task than it actually ended up being. I started off drawing a bunch of Loki faces at different angles anticipating that I would have to work really hard to make the crowd look large. In the end, since I use Illustrator, I just ended up coping and pasting most of the Loki’s. I made a few adjustments so the repeats wouldn’t jump out at you and I was good to go.

The two things I spent the most time on was forground Loki, or the “real” Loki, and the movie theater. I picked Loki wearing his civies for two reasons. One because I love how he always chooses to dress like such a gentlemen when he’s trying to fit in on earth, and two because whenever he dresses like earth folk it’s usually when he’s being the most mischievous.

Dapper Loki also fit well with the look of the theater, which I wanted to be retro. Multiplexes are so ugly, and even the ones that try to look more interesting often copy mid 20th century architecture. It took a while to decide what to call the theater; should it be a Batman reference? or a Marvel one? or should I choose a country that dosen’t have an extradition treaty with S.H.I.E.L.D? In the end I decided it would hurt the Avengers more intimately if all the Loki’s showed up at Tony Stark’s movie theater. I also really wanted it to be red, so that seemed like the logical choice.