Luxury Suites

Luxury Suites

This brings us to the end of the Overlook Hotel postcard series. You can see the making of the other three here:

I briefly considered making a fifth, because I loved the idea of a set of five, but I just couldn’t figure out what that would be. I’m more attached to the movie than the book and the other areas didn’t seem like they would make a great postcard. So we finish off the series with the most terrifying room at the Overlook.


Color Palette

Bathroom from the film The Shining

The Bathroom from the film The Shining

You may be able to tell, this week’s postcard is very influenced by the movie. I tried hard not to just flat out rip off Kubrick’s vision for these by getting inspiration from other places like the Stanley Hotel or the Arizona Biltmore. This week all of that went out the window. I just can’t imagine the bathroom of 237 (or 213 for the book lovers) looking any different. In fact, if I wasn’t so terrified by it I would want it as my own bathroom.

The scene in the bathroom of room 237 has terrified me in every iteration. It terrified me in the movie, it terrified me in the book and it even terrified me in the mini series. I’m pretty sure that if it wasn’t for the fact that my DVD player always has The Shining in it (a phenomenon I’m not entirely convinced is just because I left the disk in there) I’d still be terrified by that scene. So of course it had to make it into the series.


The great part of this scene is that it starts off so inviting; something you would expect to see on a postcard. With a little less nudity, but that’s why god invented bubbles. The bubbles also made it feel more like being pampered. There’s a definite reference to the pin-ups of the 40′s and 50′s, but less so. I wanted it to be sexy, but in a way that’s accessible to both men and women.

I actually have another draft of this where you just get Mrs. Massey in the bathtub, but it feels a little off. I like having the door, it’s oddly welcoming and voyeuristic at the same time. I’ve been going back and forth, though so any feedback would be great. Door or no door? (Click on the image to the left for a larger view)