Season’s Greetings from the Pacific Northwest

Happy Holidays 2013

2013 was the year I decided to pick up and finally get away from Eagles fans — just in time for Seahawks fans to be a thing. I’m still in the process of settling in, but if there’s one thing that’s absolutely true about the Pacific Northwest it’s that it’s covered in Sasquatch!

Unfortunately that’s probably a lie. I have yet to meet a Sasquatch even though I’ve driven through the picturesque mountains several times in a little over a month. I have however seen a troll, Lenin and this monstrosity.


Season's Greetings Sticker

Knowing I was going to be moving across country as early as August I started my holiday cards ahead of time this year. I figured I wouldn’t have much time to work on them when I got here in mid November so I made sure that by the time I actually packed up my apartment in the last week of October 90% of my card was done. Since the move was pretty much the only thing on my mind the idea for the card came directly from the home of the Sasquatch… the Pacific Northwest.

I thought it would be fun to see what Bigfoot would be up to on Christmas. At first I was going to put him in a Santa hat, because that’s natural Christmas card instinct, but I thought he would have more dignity than that. I figured he’d decorate, he does live under giant Christmas trees after all. In fact before I settled on a regular sized card I did entertain the notation of having a tree that went up, and up with only the bottom branches decorated. The same way I decorated as a kid.

Season's Greetings Sticker

I also thought he would be alone on Christmas, being the last of his kind and all, enjoying a good brandy. However, when I realized that I wouldn’t be home with my mum, dad and sister it all felt too sad so I decided we needed a little bit of extra love. I decided that instead of drinking alone in the mountains of Washington state he should instead be opening a gift (from his Yeti lady-friend perhaps?).

I’ve been creating business cards to send out to all of the professional folks I send cards to for the last few years and each time I create a new pattern for my holiday sweater. This year, since I was spending the holiday with my uncle and his family, I got to celebrate Chanukah for the first time. In the spirit of the holiday I decided that both Bigfoot and myself would be sporting blue and white. To go along with the card I went back to doing stickers and used the design of the moose and Sasquatch in the design of the stickers. While they’re green, they’re a woodsy green instead of a Christmas green, one that feels more like my new home.


Not to mention it’s a place that has subject appropriate air fresheners at a reasonable cost! (Seriously, how excited am I now that I can visit this store after work or before a nap!)