Snake Oil

Snake Oil

The topic of this week’s Illustration Friday is Remedy. Although I tend to choose subject matter that’s a few decades old, this week I skipped past retro and went straight to vintage. I think it may have had something to do with this week’s birthday Post-It.

Preliminary Sketch

Color Palette

Since I was already thinking about 19th century sales ethics the idea of a Snake Oil salesman seemed to be a perfect illustration for the word Remedy. After all, have we really come so far in remedying life’s aches and pains?


It’s actually a pretty straight forward Illustration and mostly came together without a hitch. Although there are still some proportions that are off somewhere, I haven’t been able to resolve them yet. The thing I love most is the color palette on this one. It’s mostly monochromatic, with just a hint of pink and green. I love how those two colors play off of each other, and these two in particular fit so nicely in with the rest of the brown hues.