Steak ‘n Eggs

Steak 'n Eggs

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to post, or really work on, any new Diner Monsters, but finally! I give you Steak ‘n Eggs!

Color Palette

Steak ‘n Eggs was probably the first meal I thought of when deciding to do Diner Monsters, but before I could draw any of the monsters I needed to draw the diner. I started with the general background and counter top, but then moved on to those items that diners leave out for customers to use. By the time I started drawing my first monster I had thought of a Hot Turkey Sandwich which is a meal that just screams diner to me.

I actually got as far as drawing the steak and eggs, but not the home fries, when I drew the face that would become Hot Tea and knew that face wasn’t right for Steak ‘n Eggs, it had a story behind it. As I was finishing up Hot Tea I realized that that counter had a serious gender imbalance, so I put Steak ‘n Eggs on hold and drew up Monte Cristo. After I was finished I decided I couldn’t hold back Steak ‘n Eggs any longer!

And then I got super busy with work and class and it’s been nearly two months since I’ve posted anything. I actually have been working on Steak ‘n Eggs the entire time, but often in short bursts instead of putting any significant time in. It didn’t help that after having the pink furry monster mostly done I decided to add an extra set of arms, and hands are a pain to draw.

Since Steak ‘n Eggs is such a protein/calorie heavy meal I decided whoever eating it would have to be a fitness nut. Someone who’s exercise routine would burn off all of those calories. I did think about making it a woman when I was trying to balance out the genders, but something about he meal is just so masculine. I also wanted the monster to be furry, because I do think the counter is a bit flesh heavy at the moment. Of course making him furry made it difficult to make him look like Vin Diesel, but I think I nailed the face and head. A furry, horned, pink Vin Diesel.