Stepford Connecticut


When I decided to do Stepford for this week’s travel poster I had no idea that it would be such a perfect sequel to last week’s post based on Rosemary’s Baby. It appears that The Stepford Wives, like Rosemary’s Baby, was written by Ira Levin. Looking back on it now they share the same overall theme as well as the crippling paranoia and the isolation that comes from discovering a secret that simply can not be believed. In fact, the end of both stories is almost identical. Well except for the whole robot instead of Satan’s baby thing.

After finishing last week’s illustration I decided I wanted to do a series where the premise of the film was real estate. Real estate that seems like a dream come true but is really just a hotbed of evil. Like the Overlook Project I wanted to stick with fictional places in horror movies. Stepford felt like the perfect continuation.


I had some trouble deciding what to do exactly. I really wanted to do an illustration with several wives having tea, but they wives of Stepford really didn’t socialize. They pretty much just cleaned, did housework and serviced their husbands. I did a couple of thumbnails but ultimately decided that a sexy woman posed with a cocktail for her man was summed up Stepford the best.

I wanted a welcoming image of a stunning, dutiful wife standing on the stoop of her home. It had to have all of the elements of the kind of wholesome ad you would see of housewives in the 60′s, and then I wanted to crank it up. She’s easily the hottest lady I’ve illustrated. She has ample cures and is just a hair to pretty too be real. I really felt that I nailed it with her face. She’s a vixen, but an emotionless one… because she’s a robot.

Weird robot sex slaves come up too often in books and movies for there not to be a man or two who would prefer that to an actual woman. Stepford is the idyllic home where a man can have all of his needs taken care of. A Stepford wife is like a really sexy mother that you can do it with. It’s also creepy guys. Just saying.

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