The Bearded Lady Edition

Bearded Lady

As I wind down my last weeks at my current assignment I realized I have about five business cards left. Since I never really liked the last batch I put together I figured now would be an ideal time to do a new set. I really wanted to highlight my illustration skills, and since, for the last two years I’ve done a self portrait type business card when sending out my holiday cards I thought it would be fun, and hopefully not too narcissistic, to do a series of business cards featuring me! I really wanted to do a set that highlighted my favorite things, and I would be able to dress in virtual costumes!

For this first week I decided to continue the olde-timey circus idea that I started work on two weeks ago with me as a bearded lady.

Color Palette

Doodle 1.11.2013

Since I was small I’ve always been one of those weird kids. I liked weird things and I’m to this day horrifically socially awkward. I got called a freak a lot when I was growing up, and this was back in the day when it wasn’t such a nice thing to be called. Because I got called a freak so much I became very interested in the old traveling caravels and in particular the sideshow tent.

Being the bearded lady seemed to be a no brainier. Beards are very in this year, and without regular maintenance I’m pretty sure I could transform into a bearded lady in no time. I love the juxtaposition of the feminine with a very masculine beard, so I wanted to wear a Victorian era dress. I also included a fan, seeing as it was a way to flirt back in the day, and the idea of a woman peaking over the top of one before revealing her beard seemed like a lot of fun. Of course being a mischievous bearded lady I of course needed to top things off with a Snidely Whiplash mustache twirl!

Illustrating The Bearded Lady