The Carrie Diaries

The Carrie Diaries

I actually created this as a Christmas present for my sister. She’s working on the Sex in the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries, in their wardrobe department. (Which means everyone should watch it. Or at least tell your friendly neighborhood Nealson house/stream it on Hulu while you’re washing dishes. It debuts tonight, Monday, January 14 at 8PM, 7 central on the CW.)



When my sister told me she was working on the Carrie Diaries the first thought that came to my mind was not a Sex and the City based show, but instead Carrie the movie/short story ongoing series! That story was so full of teen angst It’s the kind of diary I would want to read, or watch as a live action coming of age teen drama. Can you imagine the diary entry after the prom alone?!

Dear Diary, Prom didn’t go as well as planned. I was so excited to be going with Tommy. Tommy Ross, can you believe it?! And when they brought me up as prom queen? I’ve never felt so good. I was on top of the world. Everything was so perfect I was sure life from now on would be so much better. Then it happened. As I was standing there in front of the whole school a bucket of pig’s blood was dropped on my head. My mother was right, they all did laugh at me! I just couldn’t control myself. Bad things happened.

Who cares about some teen fashionista, a telekinetic outcast trying to live through the horrors of high school? That’s gold!

When I decided I would illustrate my version of the Carrie Diaries for my sister I knew that I had to use the image of a blood covered Carrie from the prom. I loved the idea that there was a missing scene where Carrie sat down on the stage and wrote a quick diary entry before she continued home to off her mother. Blood and fire are intrinsic to Carrie, certainly they’re the most iconic images from the film, that they both needed included.

Carrie at the Carrie Diaries

I really wanted to do a play on the show’s logo too. The whole thing took about two weeks to complete. Carrie herself took maybe a day, the original sketch and recreating the logo maybe another. That meant the fire took close to a week and a half, because fire’s hard to draw. Very hard to draw. I have no words, only I’m still not pleased but I needed to get this thing off to the printer before Christmas.

My sister sent me a picture of Carrie in her new spot in the wardrobe department of the Carrie Diaries. She said that her coworkers loved her, which makes me happy. It’s about time Carrie’s loved an accepted.

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