The Cat Lady Edition

The Cat Lady Edition

When I decided to create a collection of business cards based on my interests I wanted them to showcase both things I just like and things that I actually do in real life. Both the Bearded Lady Edition and the Mad Scientist Edition were based on my love of old timey sideshows and old horror/sci-fi movies, particularly of the mad scientist variety.

For the next two I decided to tell a little more about what I like to do, and for this one in particular it was spending time with my cat. I actually only have one cat and she’s a bit of a demon, but like most pet owners I love her. I also thought it would be a lot of fun to do a crazy cat lady edition.

Color Palette


Part of the fun of the cat lady business card is I got to play with the stereotypes of a cat lady while still making them directly relatable to myself. For instance, on the rare occasion I do pick up my cat like a baby she does everything in her power to push me away. Her kitty legs become man of steel strong. I also own a fair approximation of that sweater, although I only wear it as a coat for the week of spring and fall we have here in the northeast.

Another thing I had fun with was the general disheveled nature of a cat lady. My cat really doesn’t get into my hair or knock my glasses off, although she will cut you. I also thought it would be fun to use the idea of my cat’s collar for the band that went across the bottom.

I think the thing I got the most excited about was the idea of finally getting away with using a font like Curlz. In fact I can’t actually think of another time when it would be appropriate. Curlz feels very cat-ladyesque; I imagine if I ever go full blown cat lady I’ll use Curlz in my cat newsletter.

Not Your Bed

This was the business card that was at the same time loads of fun and really daunting. I’ve been trying to draw more animals lately, but to be honest I’m still not at all comfortable with their anatomy so there’s a bit of a learning curve. My cat’s markings were especially hard since she’s got a tortoise shell coat. On the other hand this card has some of my favorite bits like the stitching on the collar and the cable knit on the sweater. I also think I’ve caught the essence of my cat very well. She seriously sauntered out of hell. I’s loves her to bits!