The Mad Scientist Edition

The Mad Scientist Edition

Oddly, with all of the holidays you don’t get work off from this week I really couldn’t come up with anything specific to draw for either Chinese New Year or Valentines day. I did happen to hand out all but five of my business cards this week, so I knew the best course of action was to get back on track with that endeavor. So this week I bring you, me, as a mad scientist!

Mad Scientist may seem like an odd way to identify myself, but I didn’t want these business cards to just be me hanging out in my t-shirt. Much like the Bearded Lady I wanted to tell people about my interest. And while science is absolutely one, so is horror. Mad Scientist are one of my favorite sub-genres of horror; regular folks who have let their ambition and self interest go wrong. I love the ways in which sci-fi and horror use allegory to entertain us while making us think and filling us with dread.



I’ve actually been working on my Mad Scientist edition for quite some time now. It was the first idea I came up with for the series, but I had to find the right balance. At first I thought it would be fun to do experiments on my cat. It would be nice if before I went to bed she stopped her all out assault on my and my appendages. But when I thought about it I decided my first impression shouldn’t be experimenting on animals.

So I decided I’d go a little more Frankenstein. I thought why not create a picture of a person laying on the operating table with a regular foot and a dinosaur talon. Unfortunately it’s really hard to make that work. It didn’t matter how many talons I tried to draw, they just didn’t transition well and seemed weird next to a human foot. I think nature is telling us something. In the end I decided to just hint at some sort of nefarious creature. It also made more sense since I had myself filling up a syringe. It would be a bit more Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, with a touch of the Lizard from Spiderman. I especially like how the tail just kind of creeps into frame.

My biggest challenge with the Mad Scientist edition was how to treat the logo. I wanted my logo to continue across all of the business cards, but have slight modifications so that it would fit the theme. I tried all sorts of things. Stretching it, going warp tool nuts, adding a brushed stroke, all in hopes it would give me the desired effect. I even toyed with idea of using the edition font instead of the logo for my name, especially since it’s only used the once, but it just kind of got lost. So instead I decided I would try to recreate my logo in a horror font treatment. I still don’t think it’s entirely successful, but it’s on the right track. I’d love feedback if anyone has any ideas, I have a little time. I plan on doing a series of five and this is only number two, so feel free!

Illustrating the Mad Scientist Edition