The Roadside Explorer Edition

The Roadside Explorer

I’m finally done! The last in my series of business cards, and I couldn’t be happier. I put in the order today.

For the last in my series of Tat business cards I did another more personal card. I LOVE visiting offbeat tourist locations. Giant Gorillas or Madonnas? Check. Museums opened by people with a disturbing collection of elephant chachkies? Absolutely. Any two headed, multi-legged beast, real or faked. I’m there. Buildings that look like inanimate objects? Especially those! Summer time is the best time to visit those places, seeing as most are seasonal, so I’m getting very excited to finish of visiting places in road trip vicinity of Philly.

Color Palette


This one was actually pretty difficult. The main focus of these trips are the places I go to, so how do I depict myself as a roadside adventurer? At first I thought it would be fun to have me wearing an old timey safari outfit, because noting says adventure like safari gear. But I don’t go on safaris, and have no desire to. Unless they have the worlds largest teapot. I also considered drawing me driving my car, but the most interesting thing about my car is the plastic Jesus that lives on the dashboard.

Cadette Diner & Bedford Tea Pot

In the end I decided I would try for a more touristy look, me with a camera. I also wanted to include some of the sights I’ve visited. At first I was going to do full drawings, but they started to make things look busy. Instead I took the header from an old blog I wish I hadn’t deleted and repurposed it for my business cards. In the original image I included places I still haven’t had the chance to experience, but I wanted the business card to show places I’ve actually been. After all, the whole idea of these different versions of me on business cards was a way to start a conversation.

On my business card you can see silhouettes of the following Roadside Attractions:

Roadside Oddities Header