Ugh, Thor. I really thought Thor would be more fun than he actually ended up being. In fact he’s been the most difficult Avenger to illustrate so far.

Color Palette


I had trouble all around on this one. First I couldn’t get the face right, then no matter what I tried to do I just couldn’t capture the costume in a way I was satisfied with. In fact I’m still not 100% happy with what I ended up with. Typically I would sketch the whole thing out before moving to Illustrator, however I just couldn’t nail it. In the end I saved the costume for last and just started playing around until I got something I was okay with. I don’t know if I really liked his costume to begin with, but coming up with something that didn’t look odd and out of place was really rough.

I do admit I like Thor’s hero pose. Mjölnir looks pretty tough.