Tiny World

Tiny World

Travel Poster

In the middle of Amish country is a small town called Tiny World. It’s so small, in fact, that it fits into a backyard in Shippensburg, PA. Each of the buildings tower to the death–defying height of a toddler. It started off as a home for cats and has grown into a quaint metropolis.


Color Palette

Tiny World Location

Tiny World is adorable. I challenge anyone to visit and not smile. I’d venture children go crazy for it. When I decided to do an illustration for Tiny World I figured the most appropriate person to put in it would be a child. It would give not only a good sense of scale, but also articulate the kind of wonder you feel when visiting. Even as an adult I felt like a kid again.

When thinking about which of the buildings I wanted to feature something that kids would squeal over. There’s a wonderful little gas station with cars parked out front and a beautiful Victorian house, but I wanted something that wold appeal to both boys and girls. The barn has an assortment of plastic cows out front so I knew that would be a winner for any child.

The layout of Tiny World is slightly different. In reality he courthouse, pictured at the left, is set further back and there are a few more buildings in between. I wanted to keep it simple and not clutter the place up too much. In the end I settled on just three of the most distinct buildings.

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Tiny World

This time I decided to just pull back and rearrange the elements for the postcard. The only thing I added that wasn’t part of the travel poster was the hex sign. Again, I didn’t want to have too much clutter so I decided to just use the buildings I already had.