D:Y Gets High Participation.

60% participation at PHS Mobile!

57% participation at KBR (with a 76% completion rate)!

While other wellness initiatives scrape by with single-digit participation, employees love Destination: You! They consistently give us 3 reasons why:

  1. D:Y is fun! With its easy-to-use technology and travel-themed website, employees actually look forward to getting more activity and then logging on for real-time updates.
  2. D:Y taps into their competitive spirit. Set a company-wide goal, plus short-term challenges, to incentivize as you wish. Participants can issue peer-to-peer challenges for fun or bragging rights.
  3. D:Y shows how achievable a healthier lifestyle really is. Once employees see how everyday tasks add up to heart-healthy, calorie-burning activity, they can't wait to do more!
Destination: You has been received with a lot of excitement, with people coming out of the woodwork asking to participate.”

D:Y is Easy To Implement.

Participants just clip a Tracker to their shoe and go! There's no counting, no manual uploading of numbers, no honor system - it's all verified and effortless.

To see their step counts, participants just walk passed any upload device. These 'hot spots' wirelessly upload Tracker data, just like the electronic pay systems at toll booths!

Uploaded data can be found at each participant's personal webpage. Program administrators log on to our secure Virtual Account Manager for custom-generated reporting.

For personalized service, our D:Y Product Specialist helps administrators from launch to 'landing,' and our D:Y Help Desk is on call for participants.

D:Y comes complete with all communication materials: teasers, launch materials, posters, automated weekly update emails and more.

Destination: You has enabled us to get our employees involved with wellness without a whole lot of maintenance on our part. ... It's really been quite the success for us.”

D:Y Gets Results.

Your employees want to feel better and be healthier. D:Y gives them the tools to follow through.

With fun technology and a tangible reminder clipped right to their shoes, D:Y creates a community of people who strive to be active!

Participants challenge and motivate each other. Some get inspired to organize lunchtime walking groups. Some see their blood pressure and cholesterol levels improve.

By simply giving employees an engaging way to reliably and easily track their activity, D:Y boosts their commitment and responsibility to their own health.

Our biometric screenings show that, after just 6 months, the number of employees at high-risk for HDL cholesterol dropped by 15.4%; those in the high-risk blood-pressure category dropped by 17.0%; and those who were in the high-risk for BMI dropped by 6.9%. Destination: You clearly had a positive impact on the health of our employees.”